General maintenance: Everything that makes your instrument a working tool.

  • checking & repairing all glued seams and securing any loose parts
  • ensuring pegs turn smoothly and safely
  • keeping the fingerboard in the right shape and surface
  • checking position and fit of the sound post
  • shape, strength and fit of the bridge
  • checking that strings are giving the best sound possible
  • making sure there is no hidden damage such as cracks and excessive wear
  • I look after most aspects of bow maintenance including re-hairing and thumb leather and other fittings for all bow sizes.
  • I also work on Baroque instruments and bows.

Major repairs: always keeping in mind the value of the instrument, whether commercial or sentimental

  • Cracks
  • Water and humidity damage
  • Missing parts replaced (eg fingerboard, pegs, broken edges, neck grafts)
  • Reinforcement of weaknesses
  • Rebalancing tensions and pressures